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Bill James has been working on engines since he was old enough to help out his father, Jack James of Jack James Racing Engines at a young teen.  What started out as a hobby and love has now turned into a business thanks to all the customers.  Each engine is custom built by Bill.
Have a high-performance engine that needs a rebuild?  Need a high-performance engine for the vehicle? Do you have a classic car that you need an engine or need an engine rebuilt? Would you like some performance in that classic car? Maybe you have a classic car and the original engine is gone but you would like to place numbers matching engine in the vehicle.
At Bills Performance Engines you will get whatever service you need for that vehicle under the hood and Bill will do the best job possible at very affordable prices.

Bill also has a large inventory of parts for classic vehicles and engine parts. You can check out his eBay account.
Any parts, engines or vehicles can be shipped anywhere in the USA or overseas.

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The Legend

Visiting Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins Shop in 1974 with Dad (Jack James, top far left), sister  (Kim James Sexton, bottom left) Grumpy Jenkins (center) and myself (far right) back in the Super Stock Days.

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